We will have an initial conversation on the phone, where we will discuss the background to the brand and its people as well as the product range/collections on offer. This will be a consultation.

If we agree that we would like to delve further, you will will receive a breakdown proposal via email that we can then discuss.

If the proposal is agreed, the next steps are as follows…


  • Initial time spent with Director at the HQ of the brand x1 or x2 days
  • Development of the Q&A document
  • Return of Q&A answers
  • Building of the brand story and people profiles
  • Changes to draft one
  • Changes to draft two
  • Final tweaks


This stage is designed at proactively building the awareness of your brand to the right and relevant audience and broken down into three possible contracts…

6-12 months

This allows both parties to really build the must-have relationships with media. To meet face-to-face where possible and with longevity in mind. Awareness building with key media and influencers is imperative for brands to be successful, with this programme we can measure the interest that’s out there and then take a strategic approach about firstly building your story and people profiles and then product centric, eventually leading to partnerships and events.

3-6 months

Ideal for those who test out managing a retained fee whilst building the brand story and trying to generate ‘quick win’ pieces with a key and relevant media and opinion formers. We will also look into long-terms strategy and relationships but the real focus is on the now and the three-month time-frame.

1-2 months

This is purely a service to deliver your story as a one-off to the agreed target media and opinion formers. Any interest from that initial reach out will be dealt with within the agreed four week programme. Any interest waned outside the agreed four-week period will be highlighted to you directly, but that DOES NOT include any contacts details, other than the title/publication or social media account.

We’d love to talk about your future